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Pricing For Bulletproof

Joining Bulletproof is one of the most significant ways to support your public safety family. This subscription allows your entire department and their families to have access to all the resources available.

Department Size Initial Fee Renewal Fee (After 1 year)
1-100 $600/initial $300/renewal
101-300 $800/initial $400/renewal
301-500 $1,000/initial $475/renewal
501-1000 $1,200/initial $550/renewal
1001-2000 $2,500/initial $900/renewal
2000+ $3,500/initial $1,000/renewal


By joining Bulletproof, your department will have access to the services provided, 24/7. The fees above allow us to set up and activate your account. This also includes two hours of training via phone. In-person training can be arranged, however, there are fees associated with in-person training that are subject to dates and location. Please contact us for inquires about in-person training.


If you are ready to get your account set up, click on the button. We look forward to helping you get your Bulletproof account up and running.