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FAQ's For Bulletproof
Department Size Initial Fee Renewal Fee (After 1 year)
1-100 $600/initial $300/renewal
101-300 $800/initial $400/renewal
301-500 $1,000/initial $475/renewal
501-1000 $1,200/initial $550/renewal
1001-2000 $2,500/initial $900/renewal
2000+ $3,500/initial $1,000/renewal
We recommend that your department have 1 or 2 administrators. Administrators will receive training on how to navigate and edit their department-specific site.
Bulletproof is confidential and anonymous- meaning we do not collect an individual's information or site activity.
Subscribing departments can decide who has access to their Bulletproof program. We highly encourage departments to provide access to department employees and family members alike.